Week 3—WiMLDS Mentorship Program

The third week of the Women in Machine Learning and Data Science, Delhi (WiMLDS) Mentorship program started with a one on one meeting with my mentor, Anushka Bhandari.

Anushka is a software engineer at Goldman Sachs, and previously interned at Goldman Sachs and the Linux Foundation. She graduated from IIIT Delhi in 2020 and is the creative head of the WiMLDS Delhi Chapter, actively involved in working towards diversity and inclusion in the STEM field. Her research interests mainly lie in Human-Computer Interaction and Systems, and she has also published papers in top-tier HCI conferences.

Goals & Takeaways

The roadmap I came up with in the earlier weeks of this program consists of several goals per semester to make sure my journey is both fruitful, with regards to the knowledge I gain along the way, as well as ultimately helpful in order to achieve my end goal.

I was feeling a bit apprehensive about achieving my short term goals, owing both to the pandemic halting my plans and some lack of confidence to fully apply myself.

The main agenda of this week was to get some guidance from my mentor on how to find an internship for the summer, and what tech stacks and research areas I should be exploring.

Some tips to find internships, especially for research:

  1. Prepare a cover letter that highlights your achievements and interest s— make sure to sell yourself!
  2. Follow professors on LinkedIn. It’s one of the best ways to find opportunities timely.
  3. No one knows 100% about their field, especially not second or third year undergrads. When cold emailing, let the professors know you want exposure in the field and want to be involved in their work, in whatever capacity they let you.
  4. Find research groups in your area of interest, and email them.

Overall, this week changed my perspective towards how I approach opportunities, and also helped me get on track to achieve my goals.